British Embassy Programme Fund (BEF) supports programme activity in line with the UK government’s foreign policy objectives in Turkey.
All projects submitted must directly support at least one of the following priorities of the British Embassy Programme Fund:
  • freedom of expression and of the media
  • inclusive governance, including diversity, youth engagement, democracy and human rights
  • gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls
  • peace and security, with a special focus on political dialogue and inclusive debate
The BEF funds projects between 75.000 ₺ and 150.000 ₺.
The BEF project bids are shortlisted and approved by the British Embassy’s Post Programme Board. To apply for funding, interested organisations must submit a project proposal and activity based budget form (please see attached) to the Embassy’s Project Section during call for bids. This will provide the basic information required to enable the Post Programme Board to make an assessment on whether or not the proposal will be short listed. All British Embassy Programme Fund projects must clearly demonstrate how they:
  • support the above priorities
  • deliver value for money (VfM)
  • meet OECD criteria for Official Development Assistance (ODA) funding
  • aim to complete 85% ODA spend before the end of December
Bids will be assessed against the following criteria:
  • alignment with the above mentioned thematic priorities and outcomes
  • outcomes are achievable within the funding period
  • project design includes clear monitoring and evaluation procedures
  • sustainability demonstrating that project benefits continue after the funding ends
  • risk and financial accountability procedures
  • the organisation’s safeguarding policies that ensure protection of beneficiaries
  • overall value for money
Frequently asked questions
Managerial and financial aspects
  • any organisation that has legal standing can apply for funding. We do not accept project bids submitted by individuals
  • projects spanning two financial year are not permitted
  • please note that the United Kingdom’s financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March
  • please note that we cannot make pre-payments; the successful bidders should make the payment and then ask us to reimburse these expenses. The implementer should be able to receive money transfers from us
  • organisations must prove that they are able to manage the project sum in a satisfactory manner; the Embassy may request reports by auditors
We regret that we are unable to fund:
  • academic courses
  • charitable activities
  • commercial activities
  • infrastructure or construction projects
  • humanitarian aid
  • a partnership framework to support the broader engagement of a project can strengthen your bid
  • other sources of funding should be specified in the project bid
  • British Embassy’s profile in the project must be guaranteed
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